Working from home pros and cons

When I first started it out, it only seemed natural to work from home.

  • Working from home gives no extra costs.
  • I only have employees working remotely from their own locations.
  • No travel time to the office.
  • Nice and quiet.
  • Free coffee.

But there are also downsides to working from home. Some of the cons of working from home:

  • No social contact with colleagues.
  • You might get tired of your own house, because you associate it with (the negative parts of) work.
  • It does not look very professional when you want to receive people.

So, instead of working fom home, you could rent an office. If that is too expensive you might rent shared freelance working space. The advantage of working from a seperate office:

  • You get to leave the house more.
  • A better seperation of work and private life.
  • It looks more professional.
  • You´ll be more productive at the office, you won´t go there to do unuseful things.

Of course it also has disadvantages to hire an office as a freelancer or entrepeneur:

  • It costs more, especially in the beginning this can be a problem.
  • In case of shared office space, you usually have to always bring your gear, you cannot leave it at the office for security reasons.

I like to combine the best of both worlds, going to shared spaces when I get tired of working from home.


Living in Europe as a freelance programmer. Interested in programming in general, web development and machine learning in particular. Currently most used language is PHP, also experienced in JAVA.

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