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when I can’t find the answer to a coding problem online (easily), or when I want to help myself remember what the solution was, I’ll post it right here.
Also, I´ll post about news, techniques, practical problems, motivation et cetera. You get the idea, basically anything related to programming that interests me.

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How to program remember me login

I am not going to post any code here, I will just briefly write down the concept of implementing this for any website. I use to work in PHP, but you should be able...

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How to disable max execution time in PHP

When you write heavy scripts, especially ones that scrape data or that have to load XML data for example, you might encounter the problem of your script timing out. You will see something like:...

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When coding gets boring

You have a new project to work on. You are excited about it and can´t wait to start. You code and you code, from early morning until late at night. And then, finally, your prototype is...